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About us


With the purchase of one of our products you help the travel agency TCTT-Travel Lounge to survive this difficult time.
I founded the travel agency over 20 years ago. Today it offers 6 employees an inspiring workplace. They are massively endangered because of Corona.

I thank you for your purchase.

More about me:

Cordially Dawa Sigrist


The Story


SKY TROLLEY is a start-up by Dawa Sigrist. As the owner of a travel agency, SWISSAIR is still known to him for quality, first-class service, everything that defines our famous SWISSNESS.


With SKY TROLLEY, he wants to share the wonderful memories of SWISSAIR with you.


The TROLLEYS are the perfect ambassadors for this. The use of these beautiful TROLLEYS is almost unlimited and we are always amazed at the creativity of our customers.


We hope you enjoy your new TROLLEY!


Happy Take off - Happy Flying!


Click here for Dawa Sigrist's travel agency



When manufacturing our airline trolleys, we do not compromise on quality.

Only the best materials, manufacturing processes, connections and surface treatments are good enough.

The door, floor and cover plate originally consist of an 8-10mm aluminum plate, which is formatted, sanded and precisely adjusted using a CNC milling machine.


When developing the high-end trolleys, the focus was on the needs of our customers. And so it quickly became clear to us that this product could only be made in Switzerland.


In our factory, around 80% of the parts are individually manufactured and ultimately assembled individually and with great attention to detail.


We are proud of this product and can recommend it to you with a clear conscience. You will enjoy your trolley a lot. It is more than just a piece of furniture or a decorative item. With the airline trolley from Aviatik-Shop you have a designer piece - suitable for every facility and almost unlimited in its application possibilities.

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